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Proposal Planning

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment;

grab the moment and make it perfect!”

Our life’s treasured moments are meant to be distinctly special. That’s what we believe at Zucchini Events.

With our personalized proposal planning services we ensure that you give your partner the proposal of his/her dreams – an eventful story that would be relived time and again right down to your grandchildren!

Zucchini offers a range of specialised services; from helping select the perfect designer ring, booking reservations, finding the perfect venue for the proposal to finally creating the most romantic ambience with fresh flowers, exotic candles and much more. Zucchini Events with their experience and network of vendors can come up with a unique and personalized idea for your ‘perfect proposal’. Once the idea is finalized, we promptly get down to work through holistic planning, designing and execution.

Contact us for personalized package details at: enquiries@zucchinievents.com