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Eco weddings

During the course of extensive market research as well as interaction with a number of socially conscious clients, Zucchini Events encountered the need to ‘Go Green’. This was pleasantly surprising because weddings have always been bracketed as mindless splurging and extravagant display of wealth, with scant regard for the environment.

Taking into account the genuine concerns of some of our new age clients, Zucchini is pleased to design a special category titled ‘eco weddings’. Such weddings are not to be misconstrued as an attempt to cut down on frills, style or elegance. Rather it’s a sincere effort to only reduce the carbon footprint by using earth/eco friendly elements, while keeping intact the plush décor and lively ambience.

With our experience and network, we can help you out in planning such eco friendly weddings or events. To know more about such packages, please feel free to contact us at: enquiries@zucchinievents.com