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Beauty tips beyond just the face– A wedding planner’s suggestion on bridal grooming

Getting a pearly white smile is definitely worthwhile

You’ll need to smile a lot while meeting and greeting people – whitening your teeth will make your smile more adorable. Moreover it’s fair enough to attend to your teeth along with other facial embellishing as your grimace will mark the glamour quotient of the events, wearing a pretty smile will only add to its shine and shimmer. Plus a smile defines a woman, an expression of being happy about the happenings – that’s much needed to fend off the tensions of getting married.

Tip – your dentist can certainly help, but if it’s just about a brighter smile, teeth whitening pen can serve the purpose aptly. I’ll also suggest that you should floss regularly to get rid of dull looking gums

Eat fat, yes you heard it right. Good fat!

Weddings are a happy occasion and nobody likes a frail, undernourished, diet stricken bride in the name of a svelte figure. Also you need to keep your energy levels full to sustain all late night gala and not to fall slow while hobbling around for the obvious last minute shopping. Good fats like nuts, seeds, homemade butter and fruits like avocados or olives brings out the glow from within and you look naturally radiant without the need of any finishing touch with a dewy foundation.

Tip – People say sleep well but I’d suggest you take a jog for at least half an hour every morning. It’s a sure shot way to stay fit get naturally beautiful; while all the blood rushing to the fine veins of face will tighten up the facial muscles and make you look younger in few days.

A hair cut isn’t enough - break the monotony with new hair styles to look absolutely different

A hairstyle defines your facial contours; have a different hair-do for each event that is to take place from engagement onwards. A front puff make your face look oblong and straightened feather cut hides the broad jawline. Opt for tie-up hair styles instead of loose strands if you have a slender neck, you’ll look notch leaner and slightly taller.

Tip –DYI quick hair styling videos on YouTube are easily doable, also use bunch of temporary hair color sprays for trendy tresses. Further, carry yourself with the attitude of walking down the red carpet; it’s certainly going to turn the heads in appreciation, while your stealthy rivals get green with envy