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5 exotic off-beat places near Delhi for Destination Wedding

Tie the knot in the cradle of Morni Hills

It is said a little chill in the air add to the merriment of getting married and the soothing sound of flowing water rinse the weariness out of you. Not just Shimla but the picturesque backdrop of Morni hills lightens up the mood without the hustle bustle. The resorts there will ensure good hospitality and classy accommodation meanwhile your destination wedding planning team takes care of allceremonial extravagance of you marriage reception party.

Aristocratic wedlock in Neemrana

India has always been the land of royal legacy, getting married is in the princely way is the most fascinating trend and quickly catching. The esteemed palace likesetting of the resort with services and ambience of a 5 start Hotel,both heritage and contemporary components intertwines together to serve as an ideal destination wedding venue.In close proximity to Gurgaon this place only contributes to amplify the aura of imperial marriage ceremony; vintage style ornamentations, and world class hospitality makes this place a great choice for NRI weddings.

Pious matrimony at the banks of river Ganga

The river that is linked to every sacred ceremony of India will only make a grand weddingmore auspicious, where two people are to begin a new journey together over a pious union. Destination wedding planning at the sacred river bank has captivated the Indians who are keen on having a retro-style traditional wedding. While Rishikesh has a canvas like scenery with open skies, green mountains and rumbling streams, the Banaras Ghat with floating flame lamps is an ideal wedding venue for prenuptials. Also to witness the divine evening aarti is bliss for NRI guests, which will also make your wedding last forever in everyone’s memory.

Mystic Mussoorie marriages

Mussoorie is also recognized as Queen of Hills is getting popular as a destination wedding location in India these days. Beautiful tree-shrouded hills, awesome view of the Himalayas at sunset and clear skies with lots of twinkling stars in after-dark hours; sounds like splendid outdoor setting. Mussoorie as a choice for planning destination wedding can be exceptionallycharismatic and pretty out-of-the-box; the pre-wedding ceremonies can be scheduled in basking daylight while the wedding reception party can be euphorically celebrated under the canopy of starry night sky

The royal wedding atDausa

Breaking the stereotypes are always fun, and when it involvesan off-beat location, taking the wedding vow becomes a little more romantic. Plus it’s good for the entire wedding shoot and candid photographyas well. Let’s have a look at some of the exquisite places around Delhi that can be your wedding venue in the most fascinating way.